The loving sentiments of a Manjari

The great Gaudiya vaishnava mahajanas have left a huge treasure of rasa filled literature for the devotees aspiring to be manjaris  with the intention that the aspiring devotees will read them and attain similar sentiments. By reading these rasa filled literature we get a scope to associate directly with the acharyas by mercy of Srila gurudev and attain their loving sentiment. These literature are spiritual greed personified.

That is why acharyas say to read and relish these works again and again . One can also imagine to visualize these loving pastimes and imbibe the loving sentiments of the manjaris. Let us pray to Srila Vishnvanath to bless us with the spiritual greed to attain the position of the manjaris.


Shri Sankalpa-kalpadruma : By Srila Vishvanath Chakravarty Thakura :

O queen of Vrindavana, O great ocean of mercy, playfulness, good-fortune, transcendental pastimes, beauty, virtue, and youthfulness, please hear my prayer. Let me be Your maidservant. I will always please You, who stay with Your lover and Your friends. I beg this of You.

I will decorate You. I will arrange Your meeting with Krishna. When I see Your lover’s face I will clutch the edge of Your sari and bring You to Lord Hari. When I get the nectar of Your rebukes I will be happy.

When You are angry I will fall with my head at Your feet and pacify You. I will encourage You to throw flower-bud glances at Your lover. I will encourage Him to suddenly embrace You with His arms. I will see You in ecstasy, the hairs of Your body standing up.

I will drink the honey-nectar of Lord Acyuta saying: Beloved more dear than life, come and decorate this bed of flowers”. When I hear You stutter Madhava, leave Me! I am a pious, chaste girl”, I will scold Lord Hari.

Seeing You being contrary, trying to flee, stopped by His hand on Your breast, crying tears of happiness, and struggling for a moment, Your hair disarrayed, braids lossened, and belt untied, I will become blessed and successful.

As Krishna places You on the bed I artistically decorated with flowers, You will resist Him, saying: No! No! No!” My eyes at the window, I will see You enjoying with limitlessly playful Krishna.

Standing outside, I will cool You by waving the fan in my hand. I will remove the network of perspiration woven by Your exalted pastimes. I will smile to hear Your lover’s cooing.

I will always carry on my head the orders of Shri Rupa-manjari and Your other dear maidservants. For this Tulasi-gopi (guru rupa sakhi)will be very kind to me. I will happily serve her.

Showing my skill, with Your friends I will happily string garlands, polish necklaces and ornaments, make perfumes of camphor, kunkuma, aguru, sandal, and scents, and make pan of betel nuts, cloves, camphor and other ingredients.

Noticing, as they decorate You, that You and Your lover are missing some garments and ornaments, Shri Rupa-manjari, Ranga-devi, Tulasi-gopi, and Rati-manjari will glance at me, and I will place them before You.

Seeing Krishna approach, thirsting to touch You, who are so wonderfully beautiful from head to foot, I will stop Him with my menacing knitted eyebrows and the angry words from my mouth.

The bumblebee of my heart will again and again relish Lord Hari’s words about astonished Lalita, I come to remove the thorn of chastity pinching Shri Radha and this rogue girl tries to stop Me!”

Carrying a fan in my hand, I will follow You as, Your form embraced by Your lover’s arm, and Your face blossoming with happiness as You talk with Your friends, You leave the cottage in the garden to enjoy pastimes in the forest.

I will sing Your glories. I will make Your path soft and fragrant by sprinkling flowers. O queen, Your friends and I will shower You with sumanah flowers at every step.

When with His own hand Your lover decorates Your limbs with a flower-necklace, flower-sash, flower-armlets, flower-earrings, and flower-crown, I will decorate You with flowers of poetry. I will delight Your poet friends.

When the silver waters of moonlight splash on the shore, bumblebees sing in the fragrances of the bending kadamba trees, and You enthusiastically perform the rasa-dance with Lord Hari, I, Your expert music student, will play the vina.

When the rasa dance ends, and You rest with Your friends and beloved in a new jasmine grove, I will bring many sweet pomegranates, mangoes, bananas, grapes, and other fruits. I will affectionately give them to You.

When Your amorous pastimes are over I will sweetly put You and Your lover to rest on the bed Tulasi-gopi made of lotus petals. Then I will give You both betelnuts to chew.

I will massage Your lotus feet, anoint them with kunkuma powder, smell the wonderful ocean of their fragrance, gaze on their delicate beauty with my eyes, embrace them to my breasts, and, unobserved by anyone, kiss them with my lips.

At the night’s end, when I see Your earrings, necklaces and nose-pearl hopelessly tangled in the dishevelled hair of You and Your lover. I will waken Your supremely fortunate friends and bring them there.

I will show this sight to them. I will drown in an ocean of happiness. At once I will attain their peerless mercy. When, awakened from deep sleep by the tinkling of their anklets, You rise from bed, I will timidly worship You.

O queen, when, embarassed before Your friends, You cannot extricate Yourself from Your lover’s limbs, with the skill of my fingers I will expertly untie the knot of hairs, earrings, necklaces, and nose-pearl.

I will remove the ornaments from Your nose and ears, and I will untie Your jewel necklace. O goddess, I will do this with great care, for a single hair of Yours is more valuable to me than my life multiplied millions of times.

As You and Your friends go home I will secretly leave the group and follow Krishna without His knowledge. I will see Him following Candravali, whom He had formerly betrayed. I will report this news to Your friends.

I will wash Your mouth with scented water, brush Your teeth with mango leaves, and clean Your tongue with a thin golden instrument. I will show You Yourself in a polished mirror.

To prepare You for the bath. I will dress You in a fine robe. I will take the necklaces, bracelets and other ornaments from Your delicate body. I will massage You with pleasant aromatic red oil. I will anoint You with fresh kunkuma and camphor powder.

I will bathe You with scented water. I will dry Your limbs with an fine towel. I will quickly dry Your hair with aguru incense. I will make You fragrant.

I will dress You in beautiful garments. I will comb Your hair with a golden comb, braid it with splendid colorful flowers, and place a jewel ornament at the end of Your braids.

O goddess, I will fasten a jewel on the top of Your hair, decorate Your forehead with wonderfully colorful tilaka and a pearl-ornament. and place mascara on Your eyes, jewel rings on Your ears, and an ornament on Your nose.

I will carefully decorate You with shark-shaped earrings dangling on to Your cheeks, draw a spot of musk on Your chin, draw colorful pictures on Your breasts, place jewel armlets on Your arms, and place a sapphire crown on Your head.

I will worship Your hands by decorating them with rings of gold and jewels, Your collar by placing an excellent padaka locket there, Your breasts by clothing them in a bodice sewn with pearls, and Your neck by placing on it jewel necklaces and a colorful flower garland.

O gooddess, when I have amassed a great heap of pious merits I will be able to encircle Your hips with a nice belt, ornament Your lotus feet with tinkling ankle-bells, place rings on Your petal-like fingers, and anoint the soles of Your lotus feet with red lac.

O goddess, I will worship Your naturally aromatic limbs by anointing them with kunkuma powder. I will place a toy lotus flower in Your hand. I will show You Yourself by handing You a jewel mirror.

Seeing Your wonderful beauty reflected in the mirror, You will yearn to be seen by Your lover’s bumblebee eyes, and Your limbs will tremble. My body drowned in tears, I will perform arati, offering many camphor lamps to You, and also offering my life to You millions and millions of times.

When Queen Yashoda asks Kundavalli to help with the cooking, and You and Your friends go to cook breakfast for Your beloved, I will follow behind, carrying in my hands a case of betelnuts, a jewel fan, and other things.

Arriving at Queen Yashoda’s palace, You immediately offer respectful obeisances at her lotus feet, and You become a little embarassed when she showers You with blessings and sprinkles Your head with her tears. Seeing You offer respects to Queen Yashoda, I also offer respectful obeisances to her with great devotion.

When Yashoda says to Radha, You are the personified austerity of King Vrishabhanu’s family. You are a blessing for my house. O beautiful one, You bring good health to my son. Because of Durvasa’s blessings, You hold a pot of nectar in Your hand”, I will smile.

O queen, after Your beloved has taken His bath and anointed His body with fragrances, and Your eyes are restless to see His sweetness, what ruse will I fabricate to bring You to Him?

I will wash Your feet. I will take from Your limbs the necklaces and garland that would interfere with Your cooking. When You say to me, These things are yours”, I will be happy like a blossoming jasmine vine.

When You have cooked a great meal of vegetables, rice, soup, sweet-rice, and many other foods that rebuke the taste of nectar, and when the queen of Vraja asks You to serve the meal, and when You adamantly refuse, again and again saying   No! No! No!” I will glance at You.

When, Your eyes at the window, You happily drink the handsomeness of Your beloved, and Your heart is plunged in waves of amorous bliss, my heart will also fall in those waves.

When the queen of Vraja says, Radha, this home, and I myself, are both Your property. O beautiful one, O my daughter, how can I think You different from my son? Now You must eat with me”, You will smile, and again and again I will taste happiness in my heart.

When, seeing Your beloved going with His friends to the forest as His father and other relatives, all crying, follow Him, on the pretext of going to worship the sun-god You go to Your guru’s house in the forest, I will go with You.

When You see Your beloved and You begin to pick flowers and place them in a basket, I will follow You. I will remember how You gaze at Him when He says, Who is stealing?” and You say, No one”.

When He says: Thief, show Me how many flowers You have stolen!” I will hide the flower-basket. When His hand forcibly takes it from me I will become very unhappy.

Anxiously saying, Goddess, save me! Be kind to me, Your maidservant!” I will take shelter of You. When You say, Wretch, why do You trouble My friend?” and You slap His arm, I will take shelter of You.

When, turning from me, He breaks Your armor, takes the garland from Your neck, puts it on His, and says, Thief, why do You wear My flowers on Your neck?” I will tightly cling to Your neck.

He will say, A king lives in this cave. Wretch, go there. When he commands, remove Your clothing. If he looks at You and becomes happy, he will place his own splendid string of pearls on My forehead.”

Note: The king is Kama, and his pearl necklace is the perspiration on Krishna’s brow in His amorous pastimes.

You will say, Prince of Vraja, You are not at fault. You are the servant of a wicked king. Now You think as he does. I only ask: Why did the creator Brahma write this fate on the forehead of Me, a chaste and pious girl?”

I will drink with my ears the nectar of Your words, and with my eyes the nectar of Your beauty and the nectar of Your pastimes with Your lover. O goddess, I will give them these nectars. I will make them intoxicated with bliss.

At Your favorite lake I will move You and Your lover as You sit on a swing wonderful with new flowers. I will throw fragrant pollen. I will sing. I will play the vina.

As You sit with Your lover on a throne under a desire tree in Vrindavana, I will worship You by offering You padya, argha, incense, camphor, lamps, garlands, ornaments, and four kinds of food.

As with an army of hundreds of bold friends You go to Madhuvana at Govardhana Hill to defeat Your lover in the battle of colored dyes, I will arm You with many pouches of fresh red dye.

He will say, I stand bare-chested before You. I will not move from this spot. If You think You are strong, then bombard Me with flowers. Open Your bodice. Show Your chest. Stand and fight, if there is any chivalrous spirit in Your heart.”

You will say, What You claim, that in Your previous births You were never defeated, is a lie. How many times did My maidservants defeat You? You are shameless.”

When I hear these words I will become jubilant, and I will glorify the ferocious battle of the holi-festival, where the tinkling ornaments of the gopis are the dundubhi war-drums, and the two opposing armies mercilessly fight face-to-face, tooth-to-tooth, arm-to-arm, and claw-to-claw.

As You and Your lover rest, surrounded by hundreds of gopis at the beautiful foot of Govardhana Hill, the king of mountains, I will get goblets of honey nectar from the goddess of Vrindavana forest and offer them to You.

Drinking this nectar You will become intoxicated and exclaim, Oh! Why? Why? Why is the the earth ro rolling about like this? Why are the trees ru ru ru running away in fear? I am af af afraid. How will I li live in these calamities?” Frightened, You will cling to Your lover’s neck.

Krishna will then say to me, Your mistress speaks in this way because She is intoxicated. I will cure Her of it. Don’t go away. Stay and see My cure.” Satisfied at heart by the nectar of these words, I will hide in the tangle of vines and watch Krishna’s cure with my own eyes.

By splashing Krishëa’s nose, eyes, ears and mouth, You defeated Him in the water-contest, and as a penalty He had to swim about the Yamuna like a crocodile. When I see the smile on Your lotus face I will understand who was the winner of the contest.

The gopis and I will anoint You and Your lover with fragrant oils, bathe You, wonderfully decorate You with garments and ornaments, bring You to a jewel palace, feed You pomegranates, and put You to rest on a bed of flowers.

Krishna, Your queen is hiding among these vanira trees. Why do You search for Her here and there?” Not believing my words, He will go in another direction. I will show You this and fill You with happiness.

O queen, Krishna is now hiding among these kadamba trees. Why do You search for Him here and there?” Having faith in my true words, You will find Krishna. In this way I will place victory in Your hand.

Krishna may say to You, O Radha, if You win, then a kiss is Your prize, and if You lose You must pay with a kiss. They who know what is sweet say that in the game of dice no prize is better than an embrace and a drink from the sweet nectar of the lover’s lips.”

Then You may say: On Govardhana Hill lives an aborigine girl named Bhringi who is very expert at this business of kissing and embracing. She is My friend, and I will depute her to claim Your kisses and embraces if I win and give them to You if I lose.”

After speaking these words to Your lover, You will turn to me and say, Go fetch her!” I will happily run off, quickly return, and place the aborigine girl Bhringi before Lord Mukunda, embarrassing Him, and making all the smiling gopis burst with laughter.

The gopis will say, You have no power to protect the flute, Your only wife in this town of Vraja. Although she likes to drink the nectar of Your lips, she is an adulteress. Now she is searching for another man. Ah! What a surprise!”

Krishna will reply, You debauchee girls hate my faithful, chaste, virtuous, auspicious, beautiful, transendental flute. You will never be its equal. You have stolen and imprisoned My flute. I will punish you. I will bind you with the ropes of My arms and imprison you in a cave on this hill.”

Seeing Krishna approach, I will quickly take the flute from You and carefully hide it. Then I will watch as You drink the nectar of a wonderous amorous battle.

O brahmana, please be kind. My daughter-in-law wishes to worship the sun-god.” Speaking these words, noble Jatila will make smiling You bow down before Krishëa disguised as a brahmana. I will worship You as You enjoy these pastimes.

Obediently returning home on Your guru’s order, You will thirst to see Your lover again. On some pretext I with lag behind. Turning around and calling to me,   Come on!”, You will take a last sip of the glory of Your lover’s face.

Note: The guru here is Krishna, who, disguised as a brahmana, acted as the priest for Radha and Her mother-in-law in their worship of the sun-god in the forest.


At home, and now separated from Your lover, You will burn with pain. I will place You on a bed of fresh flowers. You will think it is blazing bonfire. I will cool Your body with camphor and sandal paste and place You on a bed of lotus stems.

Hearing Candanakala repeated Queen Yashoda’s message, You will enthusiastically go with Your gopi-friends to make camphored ladòu candies and other sweets for the evening desert of Your beloved. When we arrive at Krishëa’s home I will light the cooking fires, fetch the wok, and bring the water, ghee, sugar, bananas, black pepper, camphor, coconut, wheat flour, and other ingredients.

As You cook, I will say to You: When I tried to douse it with sandal paste, the fire of separation from Your lover grew with great flames. Now a fire used to cook some camphor ladoo candies has extiguished that fire of separation. That is a great wonder.”

On the horizon is the dust of Krishna’s mooing cows.” I will give You the sweet honey of these words to drink. Intoxicated by drinking that honey, You will drop all Your duties. Then I will take You and Your friends to meet Krishna.

I will take You to the path where Krishna must walk. I will extinguish the great flames of Your separation from Him. Saying, Here He comes.”, I will try to pull You from Your hiding place in the vines. By that, O Goddess, I will make You angry.

I will make the two bees of Krishna’s eyes kiss the lotus of Your face. I will plunge the two cakora birds of Your eyes in the smiling flood of sweetness from the moon of Krishna’s face. I will bring You back to life.

I will show the gopis how You and Krishna are hopelessly in love. By Lalita’s order I will take You to Your palace. To bring the karpura-keli, amrita-keli and other delicious foods, I will go with the gopis to Queen Yashoda.

O goddess, I will bow down before Yashoda. When she asks, I will tell her You are well and I will show her the laòòu candies. I will please her. Hearing her tell of Your wonderful virtues, I will be happy.

Seeing her son returning, Mother Yashoda will be plunged in great waves of love. She will shower Him with a flood of tears from her eyes and milk from her breasts. She will order her maidservants, and also me, to anoint her son with oil and prepare Him for His bath. In my mind I glorify Mother Yashoda.

Bathed, anointed, wonderfully splendid with new clothes and ornaments, and accompanied by His friends, Krishna will eat and drink the delicious meal Mother Yasoda serves Him. Unseen, I will eat what He leaves.

O goddess, I have come with the sweet medicine for Your fever of separation from Your lover. Now I will cool Your burning eyes, ears, tongue, and heart.”

Note: The medicine is the remnants of Krishna’s meal, garments, ornaments, and bath-water.

As Krishna, accompanied by His friends and relatives, was bathing in Pavana-sarovara, He will secretly slip under the water, go to the holy place where You had gone to bathe, embrace You, return, and surface again.

Your brother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and other relatives will not be aware of what had happened. Aware of what had happened, I will happily describe Krishna’s expertness to Lalita and the gopis.

Ascending the topmost turret overlooking the garden, taking You to the window, and showing You Your beloved as He milks the surabhi cows, I will throw You into great waves of the ocean of bliss.

When Mukunda finishes the food and drink served by Queen Yashoda, I will approach Him in private, tell Him of Your yearning to meet with Him, hear from Him where You should meet Him in the forest, return to You, and tell You how He yearns to meet with You.

Dressing You in wonderful garments and ornaments appropriate for the bright and dark moon evenings, and taking You to a kalpa-vriksha grove, I will arrange that You and Your lover may play in the ocean of amorous pastimes.

O Shrimati Tulasi-devi(gurudevi), O celestial Ganges river of mercy, it is because I once placed my head at your lotus feet and drank some drops of water that washed your lotus feet, that these desires have risen in my heart.

O Shrimati Tulasi-devi, how low I am, my heart pierced by hundreds of offenses? How exalted and difficult to attain is my aspiration? Your causeless mercy is my only hope. It is by Your mercy that I, who am so fallen, can have these desires my thoughts.

O Ranga-manjari, please be merciful to me. O Prema-manjari, please cast your merciful glance upon me. O Vilasa-manjari, please bring me to your lotus feet. Please make me worthy to accept the gift of direct service to the Divine Couple in the company of the gopis.

Note :Praying to guru parampara in their siddha swarupa.

O Manjulali, You are wealthy with the treasure of service to Your master’s lotus feet. Please be merciful to me. O Guëa-manjari I offer my respectful obeisances unto you. Please be merciful to me. O Rasa-manjari, expert at relishing transcendental mellows, please deliver me.

O Bhanumati, you swim in the ocean of peerless love for your master. Please teach me to swim in that ocean. O Lavanga-manjari, you swim inthe swiftly moving current of pure love. Please cast your nectar glance upon me.

O Rupa-manjari, your mind is always filled with the colorful wonder of the Divine Couple’s nectar forest-pastimes. Your glance gives me the power to desire in this way. Your mercy will give me the power to attain these desires.

O Lord, by again and again embracing Shri Radha’s limbs, Your body and mind are now transformed. Now You have a fair complexion. Now You are an ocean of mercy. O son of Nanda, please make the vine of my desires bear fruit.

In Vrindavana everyone knows that Lalita’s mercy enables one to attain Shri Shri Radha-Giridhari. Now that I have heard this, O Lalita, I will take shelter of your lotus feet. O Lalita, please cast your merciful glance upon me.

O Vishakha, you are famous in the assembly of beautiful-eyed gopis because you closely resemble Shri Radha in name, beauty, virtues, character, and youthfulness. O beautiful, unlimitedly merciful Vishakha, please ignore my hundreds of sins and offenses, and accept me as your maidservant.

O dear gopas and gopis wealthy with spiritual love and more dear than life for the divine couple, I will place the pollen of your lotus feet on my head. At last this head will be put to some good use.

O Govardhana Hill, O crown of Vrindavana, O master served Vraja’s people, O king of mountains, O best of Lord Hari’s servants, I am your neighbor. Please make the vines of these desires quickly bear fruit, even though they are planted in the rocks of my heart.

O Radha-kunda, O lake equal to Shri Radha Herself, I stay on your shore and worship you. This vine of thirst has sprouted by drinking your waters. Nourished by your waters, this vine will bear many flowers and fruits.

O kalpa-vriksha trees of Vrindavana, you have invited me to live among you, and indeed you even force me to stay here. Since I am living at your feet, I beg you to quickly fulfill these desires.

O Vrinda-devi, O protectress of the moving and non-moving living entities in Vrindavana, you are wealthy in the mercy of the divine couple who enjoy pastimes in Vraja. Please be merciful to me. Please place me among the Shri Radha’s associates.

O Shiva, O husband of Parvati, O protector of Vrindavana, O Lord who carry the moon in your hair, O Lord worshipped by Sanandana-kumara, Sanat-kumara, and Narada Muni, O Deity worshiped by the gopis, please give me limitless spiritual love. Again and again I bow down before You.

O my thoughts and desires, please reject all other aspirations, and just worship this abode of Vrindavana. Even if you cannot now taste the sweet nectar of the ocean Shri Shri Radha- Krishna’s pastimes, please do not give up longing to taste it. O faithless thoughts, just stay in the shade of the kalpa-vriksha tree of spiritual desires that has sprouted up in the form of this book, the Shri Sankalpa-kalpadruma.


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