Hide your love

MUDRAM HRiDI MUDRITASYA (Utkalika Vallari Rupa Goswami,verse 1)

O Lord Sri Krishna! O Goddess Sri Radhike! This fallen soul has taken shelter of Vrndavana and cries pitifully for Your audience. I will now open my severely burning heart and show the marks my burning tears have made there!

From the commentary of Srila Ananta Das Babaji Maharaj:

Sripada Rupa says: “I thus reveal the tears (or steam) from my burning heart.”
In this verse a slight indication is given of the great anguish of separation from the Yugala Kisora that was infused in Sripada’s heart. In this verse he submits at the lotus feet of the Divine Pair how the hot steam of his love in separation is scorching his heart.
This example of the steam of separation cannot be found anywhere in this world, even after searching for it.
Through Her own dear devotees Sri Radharani shows the world what the fire of their separation can do. Siddha Krishna dasa Babaji from Ranabadi burned his body to ashes like a dry piece of firewood with the fire of his love-in-separation. Srila Rupa Gosvami’s heart is as deep as an ocean.

The Bhakti Ratnakara relates:

eka dina radha Krishna viccheda kathate; kandaye vaishnava murcchagata prithivite agni-sikha praya jvale rupera hridoy; tathapi bahire kichu prakasa na hoy karu dehe sri rupera nihsvasa sparsilo; agni-sikha praya sei dehe brana hoilo dekhiya sabara mone hoilo camatkara; aiche sri rupera kriya kohite ki ara

“One day as they heard topics about Radha and Krishna’s separation the Vaisnavas fainted and fell to the ground. Sri Rupa Gosvami’s heart was like the high flame of a fire, but still he did not show anything on the outside. If Sri Rupa’s outgoing breath touched anyone’s body it would be scorched as if touched by the tongue of a flame. Everyone was astonished by seeing this. What more can I say about Sri Rupa’s condition?”

The words hridi mudritasya jvalatah bashpasya in our verse mean, that just as a powerful steam-engine is able to move a big train simply by compressing steam, the power which is generated by compressing the urge of love within one’s heart is able to move the engine of one’s body rapidly, so that it swiftly arrives at the lotus feet of the beloved deity. Therefore the grave devotees want to hide their love within the baskets of their hearts.
The Mahajanas (Srila Narottama Thakura Mahasaya) instruct us in Prema Bhakti Chandrika.

rakho prema hridaye bhariya:

“Hide your love within your heart!”

Devotees who are weak-hearted and neophytes who desire some distinction may cry loudly, roll around and throw their arms and legs around when there is a kirtana going on and thus destroy the sacred Tulasi-plant or hit the nearby saintly devotees, but they simply stop the sincere devotees from relishing the kirtana and thus commit offenses.

Ordinary people may be impressed by such a show, but the true saints take distance from such performances. They try to keep the steam of love within their hearts to increase the power of their love and they will certainly gain even more love in this way – of this there is no doubt!




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